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Andreu Casas


Andreu Casas  a.casassalleras@uva.nl Personal Site Andreu Casas is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Science Department at the Vrije Universitet (VU) Amsterdam. Prior to joining VU-Amsterdam, Andreu was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Center for Data Science and the Center for Social Media and Politics at the New York University, and in the Amsterdam School of Communication Research at the University of Asmterdam. He recieved his PhD in political science from the University of Washington. Andreu's research lies at the intersection of political communication, policy making, and computational methods. His substantive research looks at the conditions [...]

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Tejomay Gadgil


Tejomay Gadgil tejomay@nyu.edu Tejomay studies Data Science at New York University. His research centers on network science, particularly the spread of information on social networks. He holds degrees in Economics and Statistics from University of California, Berkeley.

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Nejla Asimovic


Nejla Asimovic nejla.asimovic@nyu.edu Nejla Asimovic is a PhD candidate in the Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University. Her research focuses on exploring the role digital technologies and social media play in negotiating identities and shaping group dynamics. Before coming to NYU, Nejla earned her Bachelor’s in World Politics at Hamilton College.

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Denis Stukal


Denis Stukal  denis.stukal@gmail.com Personal Site Denis Stukal is a Lecturer in Data Analytics in Social Sciences at the Department of Government and IR (School of Social and Political Sciences) at the University of Sydney. He was formerly a postdoctoral researcher with SMaPP doing research in the fields of Comparative Politics and Political Methodology. His primary focus is the use of machine learning techniques to study political misinformation in post-communist countries (especially, in Russia).

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Oscar Stuhler


Oscar Stuhler stuhler@nyu.edu Oscar is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at New York University. He studies order and disorder in political discourses. He is particularly interested in the emergence and evolution of discursive categories of people. Most of his work involves natural language processing or network analysis. Oscar holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from The University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Humboldt University of Berlin.

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Zhouhan Chen


Zhouhan Chen zc1245@nyu.edu Personal Website Zhouhan is a Ph.D. student at NYU Center for Data Science. His research interests lie at the intersection of social network analysis, cyber security, and machine learning. Currently he is focusing on discovering and understanding the spread of misinformation. Before coming to NYU, Zhouhan earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science at Rice University. Out of school, Zhouhan is a longtime marathon runner and a certified personal trainer.

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William Godel


William Godel wpg205@nyu.edu William Godel is a Ph.D. student at the Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University. His research is focused on applying machine learning methods to questions in social science. Most recently, he has done research on estimating the ideology of members of congress as well as the consumption and identification of misinformation. He holds a B.A. from NYU and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

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Sean Kates


Sean Kates sk5350@nyu.edu Sean is a is a postdoctoral researcher at CSMaP. He was formerly a Ph.D. candidate at the Wilf Family Department of Politics, New York University. His studies focus on political behavior and party politics, particularly as they relate to far right parties in Europe. He holds bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master of Public Administration degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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Venuri Siriwardane


Venuri Siriwardane venuri.siriwardane@nyu.edu Venuri Siriwardane is the Researcher/Editor for the Center for Social Media and Politics. She worked as a business journalist in New York and an immigration policy researcher in California. She holds a master’s degree in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics, where she wrote her dissertation on the Sri Lankan government’s efforts to legitimize itself in state-controlled newspaper discourse.

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Jen Rosiere Reynolds


Jen Rosiere Reynolds jen.rosiere.reynolds@nyu.edu Jen is the Lab Manager of the Center for Social Media and Politics. Before CSMaP, Jen served in various national security and defense leadership positions. She received her MA in Government from Johns Hopkins University and has focused her research on online free speech and violent extremist radicalization.

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