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CSMaP informs public policy with research on pressing topics, adds scientific rigor to media coverage, and convenes leading experts for urgent conversations. Our goal is to bridge the gap between that research and the wider world — and inform public discourse on how to move forward.

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NYU Launches Center for Social Media and Politics

NYU has established the Center for Social Media and Politics, which will examine the production, flow, and impact of social media content in the political sphere, as well as support research that uses social media data to study politics.

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Issie Lapowsky

November 22, 2021

Los Angeles Times

Taryn Luna & Phil Willon

November 9, 2021

Washington Post

Cristiano Lima

October 29, 2021

Rolling Stone

Ryan Bort

October 27, 2021

Popular Science

Charlotte Hu

October 20, 2021

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