2020 Talks podcast


Pacifica Network & Public News Service Lily Bohlke June 18, 2020 Our co director, Jonathan Nagler, told Pacifica Radio about the drawbacks of Facebook allowing users to turn off political ads: “It favors incumbents,” he said. “They just made it harder for challengers [and] I don’t see that as a good thing for American politics.”

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The coronavirus may force US states to adopt vote-by-mail policies — which usually take decades to implement


Business Insider Kara Chin and Mark Abadi May 8, 2020 Voters in most states must request mail-in ballots and, in some cases, provide a reason for their absence. Our co-director, Jonathan Nagler, told Business Insider that these hurdles could depress voter turnout — especially among marginalized groups.

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Young candidates assemble on TikTok


City & State New York Annie McDonough February 24, 2020 CSMaP Co-director Joshua Tucker spoke to City & State about the latest political campaign strategy: posting a quick video on TikTok to reach young voters.

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Hearing on Congressional Mailing Standards


U.S. House Modernization Committee October 31, 2019 CSMaP Co-Director Joshua A. Tucker testified before the House Modernization Committee in a hearing on congressional mailing rules. Representatives heard from experts on how social media and technology will impact the way members of Congress communicate with their constituents...

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New York Today: Why We Don’t Vote


The New York Times Jonathan Wolfe June 25, 2018 Many New Yorkers may think of themselves as politically woke and especially attuned to national and global events. But an interest in politics doesn’t always translate to voting: New York’s voter turnout record is embarrassingly low...

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PBS Kamala Kelkar January 21, 2018 Rep. Emilia Sykes is mad about the country’s presidential election system and wants to change it. But on Friday, her focus turned elsewhere: to the 10,000 students whose school just shut down...