Marisa A. Abrajano

Faculty Research Affiliate

Marisa Abrajano is professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego and Provost of Earl Warren College. Her research interests focus on racial and ethnic inequalities in the political system, particularly with political participation, voting and campaigns, and the mass media.

She is a faculty research affiliate with NYU's Center for Social Media and Politics, collaborating on the CSMaP independent panel project, which monitors discussion of political topics, media consumption, and the spread of disinformation, in both English and Spanish, in the lead up to the 2022 U.S. elections.

She is the author of five books. Her latest book, Misinformed: What Americans Know About Socially Marginalized Groups (with Nazita Lajevardi), explores the politics of misinformation amongst socially marginalized groups. This book is part of Cambridge University's Elements series. She is also the co-author of White Backlash: Immigration, Race and American Politics (with Zoltan Hajnal), published by Princeton University Press in 2015. It received the American Political Science Association's Ralph Bunche Award for the best book on Race and Politics in 2015. Her other award winning book, Campaigning to the New American Electorate: Television Advertising to Latinos, was published in 2010 by Stanford University Press. She is also the author of New Faces, New Voices: The Hispanic Electorate in America (with R. Michael Alvarez) published by Princeton University Press in 2012. Her other work has been published in leading journals in political science.