Issue Discussion in the Georgia Senate Elections

December 22, 2020  ·   Report

Taking Twitter data, we want to better understand which issues matter most to voters in the Georgia Senate election. We find that voters pick up on topics mentioned in attack ads and that voters tend to not view this as a national election.

A political yard sign from the 2021 Georgia runoff election.

Credit: Thomas Cizauskas


The Georgia Senate runoff elections pose an interesting opportunity for voters — the chance to change the majority party in the chamber. Because of this interesting election, we wanted to examine several topics related to voter opinions.

First, we identify 473 Georgian voters from a random set of Twitter users whose tweets mention any of the four senate candidates, or use a hashtag associated with the election. After analyzing the nearly 10,000 tweets (all made after the 2020 general election), we find that voters were picking up on topics mentioned in attack ads and it was happening along partisan lines. We also find that voters don’t view this as a nationalized election.