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Pablo Barberá, Andreu Casas, Jonathan Nagler, Patrick J. Egan, Richard Bonneau, John T. Jost, Joshua A. Tucker

Who Leads? Who Follows? Measuring Issue Attention and Agenda Setting by Legislators and the Mass Public Using Social Media Data Journal Article

In: American Political Science Review, 113 (4), pp. 883-901, 2019.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Methodology, Public opinion, Twitter

Jennifer Larson, Jonathan Nagler, Jonathan Ronen, Joshua A. Tucker

Social Networks and Protest Participation: Evidence from 130 Million Twitter Users Journal Article

In: American Journal of Political Science, 63 (3), pp. 690-705, 2019.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Methodology, Protests, Twitter


Marko Klašnja, Pablo Barberá, Nicholas Beauchamp, Jonathan Nagler, Joshua A. Tucker

Measuring Public Opinion with Social Media Data Book Chapter

In: Atkeson, Lonna Rae; Alvarez, Michael R (Ed.): Oxford Handbook of Polling and Survey Methods, pp. 555-582, Oxford University Press, 2018.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Methodology, Public opinion

Andrew Guess, Kevin Munger, Jonathan Nagler, Joshua A. Tucker

How Accurate Are Survey Responses on Social Media and Politics? Journal Article

In: Political Communication, 36 (2), pp. 241-258, 2018.

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Pablo Barberá

Birds of the Same Feather Tweet Together: Bayesian Ideal Point Estimation Using Twitter Data Journal Article

In: Political Analysis, 23 (1), pp. 76-91, 2017.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Echo Chambers, Methodology, Twitter

Kevin L. Jones, Sharareh Noorbaloochi, John T. Jost, Richard Bonneau, Jonathan Nagler, Joshua A. Tucker

Liberal and Conservative Values: What We Can Learn from Congressional Tweets Journal Article

In: Political Psychology, 39 (2), pp. 423-443, 2017.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Methodology, Twitter, USA