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Andrew Guess, Jonathan Nagler, Joshua A Tucker

Less than you think: Prevalence and predictors of fake news dissemination on Facebook Journal Article

Science Advances, 5 (1), 2019.

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Andrew Guess, Kevin Munger, Jonathan Nagler, Joshua A Tucker

How Accurate Are Survey Responses on Social Media and Politics? Journal Article

Political Communication, 2018.

Abstract | Links | Tags: Facebook, Methodology, SMaPP Survey, Twitter

John Jost, Pablo Barberá, Richard Bonneau, Melanie Langer, Megan Metzger, Jonathan Nagler, Joanna Sterling, Joshua A Tucker

How Social Media Facilitates Political Protest: Information, Motivation, and Social Networks Journal Article

Advances in Political Psychology, 39 (S1), pp. 85-118, 2018.

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Joshua A Tucker, Jonathan Nagler, Megan Metzger, Duncan Penfold-Brown, Richard Bonneau

Big Data, Social Media, and Protest: Foundations for a Research Agenda Book Chapter

Alvarez, Michael R (Ed.): Data Analytics in Social Science, Government, and Industry, pp. 199-224, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

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